Saturday, November 5, 2016

Such a Sweet Face!

Hey there!  Have you ever seen a sweeter face than this one?  I didn't think so!  I am doing just fine - enjoying a relaxing Saturday afternoon here at my foster home, and dreaming of being adopted. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

On the Sofa!

My foster parents are busy people, but they try to have some "sofa time" in the evenings with me and the other dogs who live here.  Sometimes I like the sofa, and sometimes I like napping in a bed right by the sofa. Here I am, on the sofa, with my friends, Jenny (the brown beagle) and Mango (the silver and tan yorkie).  After being a stray down in Georgia, it is so very nice to be healthy, and to have a comfortable home, good food, and lots of love. 

And, while I like it here, remember I am just a visitor.  I am on the lookout for a forever home!  In the meantime, I think I will take another nap!

Enjoying the Sunshine!

Hi!  And thanks for checking back with me!  I am enjoying a relaxing weekend here at my foster home.  The weather is beautiful, and I like walking around the yard and smelling all the smells.  Then I come in, take a nap, and then I am ready for another short walk!  I am a laid-back kind of dog who does not demand attention from my foster parents, but I enjoy it when they spend time with me.  I am such a good boy in so many ways!

Are you looking for a small dog who is housetrained, crate trained, and leash trained?  Who gets along with dogs, cats, and people?  Who should have many years ahead of him?  Who has no health issues except for some arthritis?  Who is just about perfectly perfect in every way?

If so, here is the link to the adoption application:

I would love to be in my new forever home for Thanksgiving!  

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Needed Some Medical Care...

One of the first things that happened when I got to my Virginia foster home was a trip to the vet. Overall, I am in very good shape, but I had two lumps that needed to be removed.  They were removed and biopsied, and were determined to be benign (not harmful to me at all) so that was such a relief!  I had to wear the dreaded cone for two weeks, and my foster mom said almost every day how cooperative I was about wearing it.  I never fussed about getting it put back on after I ate, and the great news is my two surgical sites where the lumps were removed have healed up nicely, and I got my stitches out last Thursday.  So, no more cone!

The picture above and below were taken when I still was wearing the cone (obviously!). In the picture above, I am on the big Kong bed with my friends, Jenny (the beagle) and Mango (in the diaper).  Mango is a 6 pound Yorkie, and a BDRA "forever foster" here at my foster home.  She has many medical issues and so is not able to be adopted.  There are also two other dogs here at my foster home, and a cat too.  I get along with everybody just fine.  

And I AM able to be adopted, so think about it.  OK?   :)

I am looking better!

Hi!  Once the Georgia shelter knew I had a place to go, they worked on getting me cleaned up. The top picture shows me with a lot of my hair cut off, but you can see I still had quite a few mats. Then the rest was shaved off, and look at how wonderful I look in the bottom picture! This is me on my transport ride from Georgia to my BDRA foster home in Virginia!  I look and feel great, on my way to a whole new life.  And each driver on the transport said what a good passenger I was, and also what a sweet boy I am.

Please keep coming back to my blog! I will keep posting until the right person out there realizes what a special dog I am, and fills out the adoption application, and then welcomes me into their heart and home.

Here is more information on adopting from BDRA, along with the adoption application:

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hi! I'm Indy!

Welcome to my blog!

And take a look at these pictures!  That was me in the Georgia shelter.  Can you believe it? 

See the top two pictures?  These are the two pictures my Blind Dog Rescue foster mom first saw of me. She saw those two pictures, and decided to foster me!   You can tell that no one had been taking care of me for a long time.  I was scared and alone in that shelter, and worried I would not get out alive.

So the Blind Dog Rescue pulled me from the shelter, and then began the best chapter of my life - so far!  I love my Virginia foster home, but what I am thinking about all the time now is: "when am I going to go to my forever home?"  I am ready for that chapter now. 

I am such a good boy!!  And, if you think you would like to adopt me, here is some information about adopting from the Blind Dog Rescue, along with the adoption application link:

Til then, I will be waiting right here at my foster home, hanging out with the other dogs, and writing in my blog.  Please check back often to learn more about me.